Colegio Junipero

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Admission Process




Registration of new students is held in September of each year. Parents wishing to enroll a new child must register no later than the date announced (in September).

Our candidates are required to follow an application process to be considered for admittance. (Depending on entering grade). Applicants will be evaluated on academic performance, character, potential to work up to good standards and a good disposition to cooperate.

  1.        All candidates must fill out an Application form and provide Juniper School with the following:
    •       Birth certificate (copy)
    •       Baptism certificate (copy)
    •       CURP and RFC (Copy)
    •       Up-to-date immunization certificate (Cartilla de Vacunación)
    •       2 Letters of recommendation
    •       Family Picture and 1 small size recent photos of the child
    •     School evaluation/grades from the current school year, plus those of the previous year (only if child is NOT enrolling for Pre-Kinder)
  2.        A testing date will be scheduled, when it applies.
  3.        A visit of the school and of its grounds will be programmed.
  4.        Parents must attend an interview with the Principal).
  5.        Payments for Admission are required, upon acceptance of the candidate.



  1.        A child must be three (3) years of age by December in order to enter Pre-Kinder, four (4) years of age to enter Kindergarten, and five (5) years of age to enter Pre-Primary.
  2.      Parents are required to inform Juniper School of their child’s specific academic, emotional, or physical needs.
  3.       Parents must have paid the fees required by the school upon admittance.