Colegio Junipero

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Mission and Philosophy


Our mission is to offer a superior academic program with strong Catholic, Christian values. Our goal is to promote academic excellence and to enhance the social and emotional growth of our students. We educate children to develop integrity, self-confidence, character and leadership skills, to face the challenges of the future.


Juniper School´s students, parents, faculty and staff are a Christian community of faith, a family of believers who work, learn, grow, play and pray together to better love and serve our God and further His Kingdom on Earth.

In Juniper School we recognize the “Ten Guiding Principals in Christian Education” provided by Mother Mary Thomas, O.P. and Directress of Education of Mission San Jose California:

  1. We believe that all knowledge and all living have their beginning and their end in God, and that all learning must, therefore, be related to moral principles set down by the Supreme Being.
  2. We believe that a true education must regard the child as he is, an individual and a social being, and that it must aim at the development of the whole child. Hence, it will embrace “the notion of body and soul, mind and will, character and knowledge, the individual and corporate society, the past, the present, the future, and all eternity.”
  3. We believe that the religious ideal in Christian Education demands that every effort be made to develop character in the child; therefore our stress on discipline, order and respect for authority without infringing on the freedom of the child.
  4. We believe that learning is a process involving self-activity on the part of the child.
  5. We believe that it is our obligation to teach the language skills well so that our children will read, spell, write, and speak with reasonable correctness.
  6. We believe that the child’s personal development includes learning to live and work well in the world of people and things; that self-improvement embraces such concerns as good physical and mental health, good habits of workmanship, a sense of social responsibility and the refinements of courtesy and good taste.
  7. We believe that the product of Christian Education today should be a patriotic citizen who strives to translate his religion into action that conforms with the ideals of democratic living.
  8. We believe that the work of teaching is a sacred one.  Sharing in the total work of God in the world. We respect each child as a unique creation and hold it as our privilege to work in bringing out in the child, God’s eternal idea of him or her.
  9. WE BELIEVE THAT NO MATTER HOW WELL WE TEACH, WE CAN ALWAYS DO BETTER; and so we endeavor to keep alert, and abreast of developments. We are as old-fashioned as truth and as modern as today, seeing no inconsistency between appreciation of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures and interest in the latest astronauts.
  10. We believe in the four L’s: “Love them, Laugh with them, Live with them; and Learn with them.”