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Social Skills Training Program

The Social Skills Program is designed to teach the children to develop their own individual personality, and to provide them with positive tools, to help them interact positively with friends, teachers and adults.

Social Skills training begins in Kindergarten and it is given in small workshops of 10 participants. Children have the opportunity to learn and to practice positive and desirable behaviors early in age, which will help them get along with their peers.

The Social Skills Program has been offered for the past two years, in the Elemetary School. The program focuses on teaching the children behaviors and strategies that are positive, acceptable and rewarding, and will help them develop good interpersonal relationships. The main areas of development are: relaxation techniques, building self-steem, friendship-making, dealing with feelings, dealing with teasing and rejection, anger management, and learning to solve problems.

The main goal of the program is to promote repect, self-esteem, and positive social and emotional growth, in our children. Parents, teachers and children, as a community, need to work together in building the social skills that are “life skills” for all of us.