Colegio Junipero

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Juniper’s library has changed from being merely a facilitator of books to the more active role of encouraging students to read on a regular basis and to acquire the enjoyment of reading.

Students come to the library on a weekly basis. Each class is approached according to its needs. For the younger children, we are storytellers who introduce them to different authors and genres. For older children we reinforce the importance of books to help them in their research projects or provide the pleasure of sitting down with a good book.

Younger students are encouraged to read a variety of books by browsing through the shelves under our supervision.



As the “keepers of books” our librarian is responsible for maintaining an up to date data base in order to provide maximum access to our collection of over 10,000 books.

In Kindergarten we have a very special time dedicated to story time. It is through stories that the children learn vocabulary and improve their English comprehension; develop listening skills, memory skills and acquire the love for books.