Colegio Junipero

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Our Religious Programs

Religion Classes and Monthly Mass

Pre Kinder to Sixth Grade Religion classes are taught during the English program. We compliment this with monthly student body masses (Pre First to Sixth Grade) in our multipurpose auditorium.

Each month Juniper celebrates mass, and each month a different grade prepares and interacts with the priest during the celebration. Parents are welcome to come and participate with their children during these celebrations.

Preparing children from 1st  grade for Confirmation and 2nd grade for 1st Communion. 


Our Lady

To honor the Virgin Mary, a decade of the Rosary, with petitions, is said in each classroom throughout the months of October and May.

The culmination of our students honoring of Our Lady is our annual Living Rosary and May Crowning in the school patio. The entire student body (Pre Kinder to Sixth Grade) participate. Many parents and friends attend this beautiful and spiritually enriching ceremony.


We begin the Season of Advent with a blessing of Advent Wreaths and all classrooms practices (Pre Kinder to Sixth Grade).


During the season of Lent, the Stations of the Cross are observed weekly.