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Kinder Birthday Parties

: If your child is having a birthday party at home, and you would like to invite his/her classmates, the teacher will be happy to send the invitations, provided that every child in the class is invited or ALL the girls or ALL the boys. If you are planning to invite only a few children you must make arrangements from home by phone to avoid hurt feelings by some children who are “left out”.
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Kinder Toy Policy

Due to the possibility of loss and damage, toys should not be brought to school for any reason. The teacher will let you know if there is a special “sharing day” where they will be allowed to bring one small toy.
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Permission to leave school early

We would like to remind you that there is NO PERMISSION to take your child/children out of school for trips, dance practice, sports tournaments, etc. during school hours. Children may not leave early unless it is for doctor, visa or passport appointments. If your child’s visa appointment is early in the morning, you may drop off your kid afterwards. No other reasons will be accepted. Please do not call the school. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.
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Important 2019-2020 Applications

Juniper families who have brothers and/or sisters already enrolled in school may pick up their applications for Pre-Kinder at the school's office September 24-September 27. All other applicants may pick up their application at the school's office from October 1 to October 4.
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Party Bus Permission Slips

If your child is having a party and you rented a bus to take your guests, please send a green bus slip and attach the list with the complete name of the children you are taking.
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School Pictures

Dear Parents:
Your children will have their picture taken from September 11 through the September 19. Please check specific class schedules below.

Thank you very much.
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Ophthalmologic Campaign

During the week of September 24 together with the Devlyn family, we will be realizing eye exams to PF through 6th grade students with NO cost. Please send the signed authorization that you will receive this week.
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Kinder Birthday Cake Policy

Parents may come into school to sing happy birthday to their child. Please bring individual treats such as cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, brownies, etc. ICEES or
CAKES that require slicing are not allowed. Please send a note to your teacher in advance asking at what time you can come to school.
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